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Biochemistry - Cell-Based Assay Screening Service

Houston, Texas

A BCM research lab.
Cell Based Assay Screening Service
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Applications and Resources

CBASS cutting edge tools for high-throughput analysis and manipulation.C-BASS offers some of the most cutting-edge tools uniquely tailored for high-throughput analysis and manipulation. These tools can be used in conjunction with the shRNA technology, or in any cell-based screening assays that require high-resolution imaging or flow cytometry on a large scale.

For high-throughput imaging, the core houses the ImageXpressMicro and ImageXpressUltra from Molecular Devices. ImageXpressMicro is a fully automated inverted epifluorescent microscope. ImageXpressUltra is an automated point-scanning confocal microscope. Both enable automated acquisition and analysis of multi-well plates (up tp 1536-well plates). ImageXpressMicro is also equipped with Environmental Control that allows for time-lapse imaging of live cells.

For high-throughput flow cytometry, the core houses the LSRII from BD Sciences. This benchtop machine is equipped with a HTS unit that enables fully digitized data acquisition and analysis in a high-throughput format.

In addition, the core has acquired automated workstations (Beckman Coulter) for liquid handling. These robotic platforms allow for automated manipulation of in vitro or culture samples, as well as nucleic acid purification and manipulation in a high-throughput manner.

C-BASS has also established a Lentiviral Production and Tissue Culture facility to facilitate the utilization of the lentivirus- based shRNA collections from Open Biosystems. The human and mouse shRNA library collections from Open Biosystems are available to the entire BCM community, either as single clones or as re-arrayed (in-house) sub-libraries that can be generated based on the individual needs of the investigator.

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