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Biochemistry - Cell-Based Assay Screening Service

Houston, Texas

A BCM research lab.
Cell Based Assay Screening Service
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Cell Based Assay Screening Service

The C-BASS core makes available human and mouse shRNA and cDNA library collectionsto the BCM community. Constructs are provided individually, in arrayed format or pools.

We aim to facilitate the use of these reagents in screens, in studies of specific pathways or individual genes, and we provide in-house, high-throughput image analysis and flow cytometry.

Services and Resources


  • For pricing information see C-BASS Price Schedule.
  • For equipment use, please go to Equipment Reservations, to access automated microscopes, robotic workstations, and LSRII with HTS. Register first if new user. You will receive email notifications once reservations are complete.
  • For shRNA and cDNA orders

Go to Searching for shRNA/cDNA clones to generate a search result spreadsheet as an exported Excel file

Then log into the Submitting clone requests site to submit the spreadsheet .

(New users please see Ordering Page (left tab) for more detailed instructions)

**When submitting samples use links that say "Submit Samples" not "Import a File".
If the "Import a File" link is used, the samples will NOT be submitted properly.**


  • shRNA orders may be delivered as glycerol stocks or in other formats (e.g., virus). Indicate so during your search. Please see price schedule for rates.

  • For questions, please e-mail or call 713-798-8987.


1. Clone distribution

  • The core distributes human and mouse GIPZ shRNA and cDNA library collections, for a nominal fee to cover handling costs.
  • Each clone – in glycerol stocks – costs $35.
  • Orders are normally processed each Wednesday. Orders placed before 5pm on Tuesday will be processed for that week.
  • shRNA positive control clones (GAPDH and EG5) and negative control clones (non-silencing and empty vector) are also available for $35 each.

2. Target-based shRNA libraries or druggable genome collections

  • Kinome and Phosphatome sub-libraries are now available.
  • C-BASS anticipates great interests in sub-library collections that are tailored specifically to the interests of the individual investigator. C-BASS is equipped to selectively array a small collection of shRNAs based on your preferences. Examples include shRNAs against a particular signaling pathway or activity. These collections should prove especially attractive to investigators who are more interested in genetically probing the function of a definable set of targets.

3. shRNA-expressing cell line(s) and Lentiviral Stocks

  • The C-BASS core will establish the cell line of interest (to be provided by the user) that expresses the shRNA(s) of interest (from the shRNA collection). Lentivirus can be made by the C-BASS core for any of the shRNA or a construct of your interest. For pricing information please see the C-BASS Price Schedule. Discount for bulk orders is available.

4. DNA purification

Facilitated by Beckman Coulter robotics systems, the core will purify DNA in a high throughput manner. 96 well plates will be purified and the OD taken to ensure quality. Contact us for more information.

5. Flowcytometer

The C-BASS core will allow for usage of its BD Biosciences LSRII flowcytometer utalizing only the HTS (high throughput system) for 96 well applications. For more information concerning usage of the LSRII please contact C-BASS.

6. Automated Microscopy

The C-BASS core will allow for usage of its automated microscopes for high-throughput imaging.

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