C-BASS Price Schedule

We are experiencing technical difficulties with our database search site. Please refer to the instructions on our homepage for ordering the clones through iLab.

1. FIRST, search our database and generate a spreadsheet

You may search by Gene Name or Oligo ID. Indicate whether you want to search the human or mouse collections, or both.

shRNA/cDNA orders may be delivered as glycerol stocks. If you want them delivered in other formats (e.g., virus or DNA), please send a email to c_bass@bcm.edu.

Export the results including Plate/Well information into a spreadsheet, and do not change the format.

Control shRNAs such as empty vector, non-silencing, etc., are listed beneath the results window as buttons.

2. Then, go to our the iLab portal log into the site, and submit your sample sheet.

Please use your Baylor credentials to log into the iLab portal.

If you have any problems, please contact us at c_bass@bcm.edu.

Please be advised that you may have trouble accessing links if you are outside of the Baylor network. Please let us know if this is the case.

For all orders, please use the iLab portal and contact C-BASS at c_bass@bcm.edu if you have any questions.

Orders include individual GIPZ clones, lentiviruses, cell lines, or screens.


No credit card or PO numbers. Please provide all 10 digits of your Cost Center or WBS accounts, the name of your lab/PI, and the name of your departmental approverIf you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the core.