C-BASS houses two cDNA collections:

Mouse MGC cDNA Library
The mouse MGC cDNA library contains mouse MGC cDNAs (IRAV+IRAW). Please see http://mgc.nci.nih.gov/

Human ORFeome 8.1 Collection
The human ORF (open reading frame) library is cloned into Gateway compatible donor vectors. Please visit http://horfdb.dfci.harvard.edu/ for more information.

Please refer to the ordering webpage to see instructions on how to order these vectors.

Clone Distribution

  • The core distributes cDNA library collections, for a nominal fee to cover handling costs.
  • Each clone – in glycerol stocks – costs $35.
  • Orders are normally processed each Thursday. Orders placed before 5 p.m. on Wednesday will be processed for that week.
  • cDNA orders may be delivered as glycerol stocks or in other formats (e.g., DNA). Indicate so during your search. Please see price schedule for rates.

For questions, please email c_bass@bcm.edu or call (713) 798-8987.