Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core
Director: Joel M. Sederstrom, M.B.S., Email:
Co-Director: Christine Beeton, Ph.D., Email:
Phone: (713) 798-3868

Core for Advanced MRI (CAMRI)
Academic Director: Michael Beauchamp, Ph.D.
Technical Director: David Ress, Ph.D.
Operations Director: Krista Runge, M.S., R.T.(R)(MR)
Phone: (713) 798-3046

Bioinformatics Research Lab Core
Director: Aleksandar Milosavljevic, Ph.D., Email:
Phone: (713) 798-8719

DNA Sequencing and Gene Vector
Academic Director: Benny Hung-Junn Chang, Ph.D., Email:
Core Director: Kazuhiro Oka, Ph.D., Email:
Phone: (713) 798-6686

Genetically Engineered Mouse
Director: Jianming Xu, Ph.D., Email:
Phone: (713) 798-6199 

Cell-Based Assay Screening Service (C-BASS)
Director: Dan Liu, Ph.D., Email:
Co-Director: Trey Westbrook, Ph.D., Email:
Phone: (713) 798-8032

Genomic and RNA Profiling Core (GARP)
Director - Lisa White, Ph.D.
(713) 798-7699, Email:

Human Stem Cell Core
Director - Michael Ittmann, M.D., Ph.D.
(713) 798-3705, Email:

Human Tissue Acquisition and Pathology
Director - Michael Ittmann, M.D., Ph.D.
(713) 798-3705, Email:

Integrated Microscopy
Director - Michael Mancini, Ph.D.
(713) 798-8952, Email:

Mass Spectrometry Proteomics
Director - Hon-Chiu Eastwood Leung, Ph.D.
(713) 798-6360, E-mail:

MHC Tetramer
Director - Xiaochi Lily Wang, M.S.
(713) 798-3918, Email:

Monoclonal Antibody/Protein Expression
Lab Manager - Kurt Christensen.
(713) 798-2325, Email:

Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
Director - Monica Justice, Ph.D.

Mouse Metabolic Research Unit (Children's Nutrition Research Center)
Director - Marta Fiorotto, Ph.D. Children's Nutrition Research Center
(713) 798-7146, Email:

Mouse Phenotyping Core
Manager - Corey Reynolds, Ph.D.
(713) 798-5040, Email: clreynol@bcm.ed

Optical Imaging and Vital Microscopy Core
Core Director - Dr. Mary Dickinson. Lab Manager - Dr. Tegy Vadakkan
Email:, Email:

Pathway Discovery Proteomics
Director - Jun Qin, Ph.D.
(713) 798-1507, Email: 

Population Biosciences Biorepository
Director - Michael Scheurer, Ph.D.
(713) 798-5547, Email:

Protein and Antibody Array Proteomics
Director - Shixia Huang, Ph.D.
(713) 798-8722, Email:

RNA In Situ Hybridization
Director - Cecilia Ljungberg, Ph.D.
(832) 824-8873, Email: