Advanced Resources

Advanced Research Resources

Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

The Dan L. Duncan Institute for Clinical and Translational Research supports and promotes translational and clinical research across Baylor College of Medicine and its 250 partner institutions in clinical care, education, and research. The goal is to increase the number, quality, diversity and creativity of research projects among the ICTR member institutions. 

Computational and Integrative Biomedical Research Center

The CIBR Center is a resource to help students and faculty address the broad range of analytical problems posed by the complexity of high throughput biological datasets. The goal of the center is to help bridge the translational gap from data to models, and from models to drug discovery and personalized therapy by fostering collaborations and developing original quantitative approaches to biological and clinical problems.

Virtually Integrated Institutions for Clinical & Translational Research

VIICTR serves as a platform for innovation, collaboration, and data sharing across a multi-institutional network of scientific investigators, clinicians, and community leaders to enable clinical and translational research and discovery.