Assistant Professor
Molecular Physiology & Biophys
Baylor College of Medicine
Associate Faculty Member
Computational and Integrative Biomedical Research (CIBR) Center
Baylor College of Medicine
Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI)
Baylor College of Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine


Postdoctoral Fellowship at Gladstone Institutes, University of California San Francisco
Bioinformatics Fellow
PhD from University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Computer Science

Professional Interests

  • Machine Learning; Comparative Genomics; Transcriptional Regulation; Chromatin Organization; Application of computational genomics in tissue regeneration and cancer

Professional Statement

We want to explain how genotype translates to phenotype, and apply this knowledge in the context of tissue regeneration and cancer. In particular, we are working to relate DNA sequence and structure to the regulation of gene expression and chromatin organization under both normal (i.e., healthy/wildtype) and perturbed (i.e., diseased/mutant) conditions. To this end, we leverage machine learning, algorithms, biophysics, and comparative genomics to develop robust statistical models for massive and complex biological datasets.