Research Assistant (GS)
Developmental Biology
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX, US


BS from Quinnipiac University
Concentration in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Minor in Chemistry, Minor in Sociology

Honors & Awards

Invited Speaker
Moody Gardens Annual Retreat, Galveston, TX
Invited Speaker
“Cerebellum: from Development to Disease,” Winnipeg, CA
Best Poster
“Novel Perspectives on Cerebellar Development, Physiology, and Disease,” Lewiston, ME
Selected Rapid-Fire Presenter (competitive)
“Bridging the gap in neuroelectronic interfaces,” Galveston, TX
Best Poster
“Bridging the gap in neuroelectronic interfaces,” Galveston, TX
Best Elevator Pitch
Selected Student Attendee (competitive)
Attended a 2-week long neuroscience course in Paris to learn the theory behind and the techniques of electrophysiology and optical imaging tools.
Invited Speaker
Invited Speaker
Inaugural 3-Minute Thesis Runner-Up
Best Poster

Professional Statement

In the laboratory of Dr. Roy Sillitoe, I have two goals: to understand the pathogenesis of cerebellar ataxia in development and to discover a more effective treatment for this disease. We are currently investigating the efficacy of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) in treating cerebellar ataxia due to its great successes in managing other motor diseases, such as dystonia and tremor. We find that electrical stimulation can improve ataxia in a mouse disease model through a novel behavioral mechanism. We also find that transient defects in cerebellar development can precede the onset of ataxia. Through combining behavior with genetics and developmental studies, I am rewarded with a more comprehensive view of how motor disease can persist and how DBS may operate to treat motor disease.

Selected Publications


P.E.O. Scholar Award
International Chapter of P.E.O.
This award recognizes women that will likely make a significant contribution to the world through their research, based on their "scholarly excellence, academic achievement, and worthwhile career goals."