Rice University


BS from Southern Illinois University
PhD from Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Rutgers University
Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Stanford University

Professional Interests

  • Molecular and developmental responses of plants to environmental stresses

Professional Statement

How plants perceive and respond to diverse environmental stimuli is critical for survival and reproduction, especially because of the inability of plants to relocate to less stressful surroundings. We use genetic, biochemical and cell biological approaches to elucidate how plants sense dynamic features of their environment, including daily rhythms, temperature and light changes, mechanical forces, fungal pathogens, and insect herbivores and react in ways to tolerate or acclimate to their environment. These fundamental plant cell biological and physiological responses reveal the complexity of plant homeostatic mechanisms and the evolved physiological plasticity that facilitate plant coping with diverse and dynamic environmental stress.

Selected Publications