Medicine-Infectious Disease
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX, US
Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas, United States


Clinical Fellowship at Baylor College Of Medicine
Fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Residency at University of Utah
MD from Cornell University Medical College
MPH from Yale University
BA from Cornell University


Medical Oncology
American Board of Internal Medicine
Infectious Diseases
American Board Internal Medicine

Professional Interests

  • HIV, virally mediated cancers, epidemiology, prevention, outcomes

Professional Statement

Dr. Chiao's research interests include the study of virally associated malignancies, particularly HPV-associated cancers, and the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV-associated cancers. The principal focus of her HPV-related work has been on identifying the improved screening algorithms utilizing HPV tests for HPV-related pre-cursor disease. In particular, she and her group are interested in identifying cost-effective approaches for screening HIV-infected individuals, who are at high risk for HPV-related cancers. She and her collaborators are focusing on providing evidence-based data to support risk-based approaches for screening and prevention guidelines for prevention of HPV-related cancers in high-risk individuals.

Dr. Chiao also has a longstanding interest in the study of the epidemiology, prevention and the treatment of non-AIDS defining cancers. The emphasis of this line of research is on utilizing large databases, including the national VA database to identify medications and metabolic diseases that may independently be associated with an increased risk for cancer in cohorts of HIV-infected individuals with well-controlled HIV.

Finally, Dr. Chiao is the principal investigator of the Baylor site for the AIDS Malignancy Consortium, a National Cancer Institute (NCI) funded consortium This research group performs Phase I and II studies of novel experimental and licensed therapies for specific HIV-related cancers. Dr. Chiao is the chairperson of the Non-AIDS Defining Cancer Working. Currently, this working group is currently enrolling patients in two protocols: AMC 087- A Phase Phase I Trial of Cabozantinib (XL184) for Advanced Solid Tumors in Persons with HIV Infection, and AMC 095-Nivolumab and Ipilimumab in Treating Patients With HIV Associated Solid Tumors That Are Metastatic or Cannot Be Removed by Surgery


(PQ3) Identifying Novel Pharmacologic Risk factors for Common Non-AIDS Defining Cancers in Individuals with Well-controlled HIV Infection
- #R01 CA206479
Grant funding from NIH
The goal of this project is to evaluate whether specific classes of medications increase or decrease the risk for common NADCs in a cohort of well-treated/well-controlled patients with HIV infection.
Role: Principal Investigator
The Effectiveness of Screening HIV-Infected Women for Anal Cancer
- #R01CA163103
Grant funding from NIH
The goal of this project is to determine the clinical effectiveness and cost efficacy of screening HIV-infected women for anal dysplasia
Role: Principal Investigator
AIDS Malignancy Consortium
- #U01CA121947
Grant funding from NIH
The goal of this project is to conduct clinical trials among individuals with HIV-associated malignancies.
Role: Co-Investigator
Texas Repository for AIDS Neuropathogenesis research
- #U24MH100930
Grant funding from NIH
The goal of this project is to acquire, store and conduct research on the neurological and mental health outcomes of HIV-infected individuals
Role: Co-Investigator
AIDS Cancer Specimen Registry (ACSR)
- #UM1CA181255
Grant funding from NIH
The goal of this project is to acquire, store and equitably distribute tumor tissues and biological fluids from patients with HIV-associated malignancies.
Role: Co-Investigator
Risk and Predictors of Esophageal and Esophagogastric Junction Adenocarcinomas in HIV-Infected Individuals
- #P30AI027767
Grant funding from NIH
The goal of this study is to examine risk of and mortality from esophageal (EAC) and esophagogastric junction (EGJAC) adenocarcinoma in HIV infection, and to identify predictors of these cancers in HIV-infected individuals.
Role: Co-Investigator
The Feasibility of Self/Partner-Assisted Digital Anal Exams for Cancer Screening
- #R21 CA181901
Grant funding from NIH
The goal of this project is to determine the accuracy, acceptability and feasibility of digital anorectal exams among men who have sex with men.
Role: Co-Investigator