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Physician Assistant Program

Houston, Texas

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Physician Assistant Program
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Welcome Colleagues!

Ties to the Physician Assistant Program continue long after graduation. We believe that the future of the PA Program resides in our having a strong association with our alumni. Your participation in the program’s alumni association is one way of ensuring the reputation and legacy of the program. In collaboration with the BCM Office of Alumni Affairs and Student Connections, we are committed to promoting goodwill through the offering of programs and services for our graduates and current students. This page is your portal to those services.

Alumni Association

With assistance from the Office of Alumni Affairs and Student Connections, the PA Program has formed a chapter within the larger alumni association of Baylor College of Medicine. There is NO cost to be involved in the PA Alumni Chapter. As a graduate, you are a member and we hope you will participate in the activities of the alumni group. Our a member-at-large representative on the board of the BCM Alumni Association is Dwight Deter, PA-C (BCM 76) who practices in El Paso, Texas.

An important next step involves the identification of alumni willing to serve as the representatives for specific class years. These individuals would work with us to think about activities of importance to alumni and the continued prosperity of the PA Program. The specific graduation class groups are: 1973-78; 1979-83; 1948-88; 1989-93; 1994-98; and 1999 to 2006. If you would like to serve as an alumni group representative please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Upcoming Events

Staying in Touch

Please keep your address and contact information up-to-date so we can send you program information, alumni updates, alumni reception dates and locations, and other news. Current contact information will likewise make it possible for the BCM Alumni Affairs to provide you with electronic newsletters and information about BCM activities. You can do this online by completing the graduate survey presented below.

Graduate Survey

One aspect of program accreditation requires us to regularly survey our graduates for contact and employment information. Please check your contact information on an annual basis and notify us of any address changes. You are also encouraged to complete the Graduate Survey once each year.

  • Baylor College of Medicine Physician Assistant Program Alumni Survey


As an alumnus of the PA Program, there are several ways in which you can contribute to the continued growth of the program and the development of future PA practitioners. Among these avenues are:

Day with a PA

Offer to have a first year student come spend a day observing first hand what it is you do and as a health care provider. Talk to them about your experiences as a student and the realities of being a PA in clinical practice.

Job Bank

    Looking to hire a Physician Assistant? Post your position below to make it available to our students graduating in December as well as other PAs in the community. Positions are listed for six months from post date unless otherwise notified.

  • Post a job (fax form)
  • Available positions (updated weekly)

To view current Physician Assistant openings at BCM, please visit and then search by the Physician Assistant posting category

Certification and Licensure

Clinical Practice Guidelines


Professional Organizations

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