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Student National Medical Association

Houston, Texas

BCM faculty, staff and trainees are the heart of the organization.
Office of Student Affairs
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Student National Medical Association

The Student National Medical Association is committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians.

SNMA programs include efforts to recruit minority medical students to BCM, several initiatives focused on empowering and encouraging elementary and middle school children to go to medical school, a semiannual SAT prep workshop for underrepresented minority high school students, a Debakey High School mentoring program, Black History Month activities for members of the BCM community, and more.

We are a chapter located in Houston, Texas, within the Texas Medical Center at Baylor College of Medicine. Find out more about our College at the main BCM site!

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