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Student Internal Medicine Society

Houston, Texas

The Cullen Building at Baylor College of Medicine.
Office of Student Affairs
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Student Internal Medicine Society

Welcome to the Student Internal Medicine Society Homepage at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX

The Student Internal Medicine Society exists to give Baylor College of Medicine medical students a greater understanding of the field of Internal Medicine by providing a forum for sharing information about the many opportunities in the Department of Medicine, including:

  • Early professional development through student-to-student and faculty guidance
  • Clinical Elective opportunities
  • Basic Science and Clinical Research opportunities
  • Future career/residency opportunities
  • Promoting and facilitating BCM student and faculty interactions

SIMS encourages a career path towards internal medicine, encompassing general internal medicine (primary care and hospitalist medicine) and the medicine subspecialties. Even if you're not sure about internal medicine or even your career in general, we welcome everyone to join SIMS to attend interesting faculty lectures, get help finding Baylor student and faculty mentors, and get access to the helpful advice of the upper level students on everything from study advice in Block 1 to residency applications and interviewing in 4th year.

Stay tuned! Your SIMS officers are actively planning and arranging many exciting, insightful events for the upcoming year!

Please feel free to send us comments or questions regarding our organization.