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Radiology Club

Houston, Texas

Collaborations are integral to the success of our mission areas.
BCM Radiology Club
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Research Opportunities

For students who are interested in research or academic radiology, here is a list of contacts of faculty who have had BCM radiology students work with them currently and in the past. This list is a great place to start to look for research projects. Clinical research will also count towards your elective graduation requirements.

  • Jill V. Hunter M.D., Pediatric Neuroradiology, Texas Children's Hospital, E-mail:
  • Tamara Haygood, M.D., M.D. Anderson Musculoskeletal, Phone: 713-563-8823
  • Scott D. Flamm, M.D., Director of Cardiovascular MRI, Texas Heart Institute/SLEH, E-mail:
  • Juliet A. Wendt, M.D., Medical Director, BCM Molecular Imaging, E-mail:, Phone: 713-798-4417

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