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Radiology Club

Houston, Texas

Collaborations are integral to the success of our mission areas.
BCM Radiology Club
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The Baylor College of Medicine Radiology Club

Welcome to the Baylor College of Medicine Radiology Club, the radiology interest group for medical students at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. We provide a forum for students interested in pursuing a career in radiology while helping all medical students develop a working knowledge of the field. Our Constitution can be viewed on the Club Officers page.

BCM Radiology Club

The officers of the BCM Radiology Club are looking forward to a fun, productive year with various educational and social activities on the drawing board. We are pleased that membership in the club has remained strong.

Throughout the year, we will work to maintain this web site as a tool for information for students interested in radiology as well as to provide information about upcoming events -- so check back often! We also maintain a link to the teaching file utilized in the radiology clinical elective and the radiology portion of Clinical Applications of Biomedical Sciences, or CABS, a course required for all second year students. Helpful tutorials, teaching files, research opportunities and radiology sites will be maintained on the Links page.

Be sure to visit the Department of Radiology for more information about radiology at Baylor College of Medicine and feel free to contact any of the new club officers with questions or concerns. Enjoy your visit to our site!

-The 2010-2011 BCM Radiology Club Officers

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