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OSA - Medical Students for Life

Houston, Texas

BCM faculty, staff and trainees are the heart of the organization.
OSA - Medical Students for Life
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Our Mission

Putting all patients first

As a coalition of medical, graduate and allied health students at Baylor College of Medicine who support the preservation of life beginning at conception, our mission is to promote understanding about abortions today and how to provide information and resources to support women to choose life rather than end the lives of their unborn children in utero. Meetings emphasize discussions about the role of pro-life medical professionals in clinical settings with a special focus on bioethical considerations, and discussions are moderated by physician and ethicist guest speakers who are experts on a variety of issues pertaining to life.

Opportunities are also provided to Baylor students to engage in pro-life clinical experiences, in coordination with the projects of other local pro-life organizations, including chapters at The University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston and The University of Texas Medical Branch. The BCM chapter of Med Students for Life allows medical professionals in training to connect with others who share their views on life issues, and network with other pro-life physicians and nurses in the Texas Medical Center who choose to provide pro-life medical care.

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