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Latino Medical Student Association

Houston, Texas

BCM faculty, staff and trainees are the heart of the organization.
Latino Medical Student Association
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Latino Medical Student Association

The Latino Medical Student Association is a network of students, alumni and health professionals. For more than 30 years, Latino/Hispanic medical students have been organized in regional organizations, pursuing their goals to eliminate disparities in health care.

The LMSA chapter at Baylor College of Medicine is dedicated to bringing together Latino and non-Latino medical students and health professionals who are passionate about improving healthcare in the Latino community. Our mission is to promote higher education, networking opportunities, volunteerism and leadership for physicians dedicated to serving the Latino community by providing volunteer opportunities in Latino healthcare, medical Spanish training, and lectures on Latino health issues.

LMSA also works to promote the recruitment and retention of physicians in medicine who are passionate about serving underrepresented populations. This is done by volunteering to teach underrepresented youth about medicine and higher education, and by linking current medical students with medical professionals who have established careers in caring for the underserved. Through our work, we hope to foster a better understanding of Latino health issues and encourage future physicians to play an active role in providing healthcare to Latinos.

We are a chapter located in Houston, Texas, within the Texas Medical Center at Baylor College of Medicine. See our projects page for more details on our work in the community!

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