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Houston, Texas

The Cullen Building at Baylor College of Medicine.
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Housing Information

You will have a large range of options to choose from in deciding where to live. Options range from dormitories to apartments and condominiums to houses for rent. Compared to other parts of the country and to other big cities, you will find that housing is relatively inexpensive in Houston. As a rule though, the closer you live to the Medical Center, the more expensive it is; however, in addition to convenience, don’t forget the additional cost of transportation (parking is ~$60 plus tax per month) if you live outside of walking or biking distance.

If you don’t mind a large apartment complex, a representative list of complexes along with phone numbers, approximate rents, etc. appears later in this section. This list is by no means complete and is not meant to be a list of the best apartment complexes in Houston, but it should get you started.

An easy way to find an apartment, condominium, or house for rent is to go through an apartment locating service. These services are generally free for the person renting because the property owners pay the fees. There are many such services (check the Yellow Pages under Apartment Locators). A few that have been used by students in the past are:

If you are planning to purchase a house or condominium, Houston Association of Realtors is a good starting point.

More interesting places to live can be found with a little more footwork. The Greensheet, a free, weekly newspaper available at grocery and convenience stores lists housing advertisements; the Houston Press, the free weekly newspaper found in a variety of stores, restaurants, and clubs, does too; of course, the major Houston newspaper, the Houston Chronicle, also lists places for rent in the classified section. Bulletin boards around Baylor are also a good place to find out about available houses, garage apartments, and people looking for roommates (especially the boards located on the second floor of the DeBakey Building near the medical student mailboxes or in the basement of DeBakey across from the medical museum). The neighborhoods/areas close to the medical center are: Rice-Medical Center, Binz, Montrose, West University, Greenway Plaza, River Oaks, Reliant, and Southside Place.


There is one dormitory located in the Texas Medical Center (located within 100 yards of Baylor) which is available to students. It is close to school and relatively inexpensive (furniture included); however, it is a dormitory.

Favrot Hall 6540 Bellows Lane. Phone: 713-797-0962, E-mail:-

Large & small efficiencies, three person shared apartments as well as one bedroom apartments are available. Price range $615 to $1015. Early reservations are required.

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Off-Campus Housing (by neighborhood)

West University-Southside Place: the neighborhood west of Rice University. This area is filled with a lot of nice, old, and expensive houses; a great area for garage apartments. There are also a few small apartment complexes; or if you care to share a place with a few other people, some of the houses are up for rent.

Montrose: definitely one of the more interesting parts of town. It is bound by Main Street on the east, the Southwest Freeway on the south, Greenbriar on the west and Allen Parkway on the north. This area is filled with old houses and small apartment complexes; many are great deals.

Bellaire: the neighborhood consists of the area west of West University (for about four to five miles). Much of this area has been transformed to huge brick houses which you can dream of living in. However, a lot of the older, smaller houses are still around and are available for rent.

Binz: the area between Hermann Park and downtown, bounded on the east by Almeda, and on the west by South Main. Relatively low rents for houses and some small apartment buildings are available.

Galleria: the area near the Galleria mall (West Loop and Westheimer). This contains many nice, but expensive apartments.

Reliant: the areas to the east and west of Reliant Park have plenty of apartments and condominiums (the area to the east is known to students as “Condoland”). This is where many students live. The quality and price of the apartments is variable. There are nice apartments all around and a few that may be a little more questionable. Common sense will tell you where the good and bad places are.

Heights: an old neighborhood, inside the 610 loop, northwest of down town, north of Memorial Drive. This consists of mainly small wooden houses available for rent.

Braeswood: the area extending about a mile on either side of Braeswood inside the loop. Consists of houses and apartments. The apartments are affordable priced, and have easy access to the medical center by bike.

Outside the Loop (610): this area outside the loop has large apartment complexes that are significantly cheaper than those by the medical center. Many apartments are cheaper and you can find deals with “all bills paid” if you shop around.

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Apartment Complexes:

This is by no means a complete list of complexes in the area, it is just meant to get you started. When you drive through these areas, you will see many other complexes. Make sure to plan ahead. Waiting to the last minute will assure a tricky move in. The prices were accurate when last we checked; however, they may have changed since then (one guess as to which direction they probably went).

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