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Graduate Student Council

Houston, Texas

The Cullen Building at Baylor College of Medicine.
Graduate Student Council
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FYI Program

First Year Initiative (FYI) 2013

FYI Committee Members: Shawn Badal, Amritha Nair, Justin Anglin, Trace Stay, Xiqian Jiang and Tim Dosey

Objective of FYI:

To help new students transition into and thrive in graduate school by providing a peer-mediated support network.

Essentially we'd like to expand the role of FYI and make it truly a first year experience by having more involvement in the first term and then keeping up with students in later terms via email and more frequent but smaller events.

    Plan to fulfill our goal:

Short Term (Beginning of first term)

Promote interaction of new students with fellow new students and older graduate students.

  • Schedule Orientation events to physically show students around Baylor
  • Schedule social events to help students become familiar with Houston
  • Schedule department dinners

Keeping up with the students

  • Schedule coffee breaks where students can ask questions of their mentors
  • Have mentors contact students asking about:
    • Progress in courses
    • Progress in lab rotation
    • How they are adjusting to Houston
    • How they are functioning in their department

Long Term (Later terms)

  • Have mentors stay in contact with students over e-mail
  • Have mentors invite students to GSC sponsored events to offer continued support
  • Have mentors suggest interesting seminars given at Baylor