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Graduate Student Council

Houston, Texas

The Cullen Building at Baylor College of Medicine.
Graduate Student Council
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Graduate Student Council

Who we are

Baylor Graduate Student Council (or GSC) is a graduate student organization. We are composed of a student representative from each graduate school department, one M.D./Ph.D., who is currently in graduate school, a president and vice president. Each representative is elected by their own program, and their term is renewed at the beginning of the calendar year.

What we do

GSC is the medium between the students and the graduate school administration. We organize FYI groups, help with orientation, social activities, charity events including the annual Art Show, volunteering, and the members also serve on other Baylor and TMC committees. We are the students' voice. To find out who your program representation is and what committees they are on, visit GSC members

Support GSC with our fund raising effort:

BCM Discount Card

The Graduate Student Council has teamed up with some of our favorite local businesses to offer you savings that will last through March 2011. Simply present the BCM Discount Card with your BCM Student ID while at one of the participating businesses to receive discounts on things that you would otherwise pay full-price for!

Please note for Paris Style Salon

  • The $20 haircut printed on the card is for men's haircut, which includes haircut, shampoo and styling.
  • For women: $45 service for any existing hair length (regular price is $65 and up) and this service includes consultation, haircut, shampoo, and styling.
  • These prices for both men's and women's are good for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only.

BCM Planner

With all the classes, conferences and talks scheduled at BCM everyday, the Graduate Student Council is coming up with a handy planner to help organize your day better. The planner will be for the academic year 2010-2011 and will be on sale shortly.

For more information on the card contact Cathryn Hughes at


The 24th Annual GSBS Symposium was held Oct. 18, 2013. The abstract booklet (.pdf) contains the schedule, information about the students' posters, presentations, and more. See further information, about the symposium.