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ONEWeb Training Presentation

  • File: web-maintainer-training-101-slides.pdf
  • Size: 1.4 MB
  • Description: Slides from the in-person ONEWeb training course, for review after attending

By popular request, a copy of the slides shown in ONEWeb training. Not a substitute for actual in-person training!

The ONEWeb Support site, where this document is housed, will offer trainees much deeper knowledge than this slide deck, but these slides may help as a quick refresher in a pinch.

Internet Explorer: Not for Editors!

If you are experiencing display issues in Internet Explorer, you may have Compatibility View turned on. Follow the steps below to turn off Compatibility View.

If you are a web maintainer, please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to edit the website.

  1. Press F12 on your keyboard, or press Alt, then click on the following menu item: Tools > Developer Tools. The Developer Tools panel will appear.
  2. Change the Browser Mode to the highest number available, but NOT with "Compatibility View."
  3. Change the Document Mode to the highest number available, or just "Standards" (depending on what version you are using).