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BCM researchers leading efforts in bladder cancer researchJul 12, 2010
BCM researchers focus on new drugs and the biology of the bladder for bladder cancer research.
Older men with smoking history needed for bladder cancer screening studyJul 12, 2010
Men over 60 who have smoked for at least 20 years needed for national bladder cancer screening study.
New imagining dye may improve early detection of bladder cancerJul 12, 2010
Bladder cancer can be detected early through use of special dye.
Early Diagnosis key in managing, treating bladder cancerJul 12, 2010
Bladder cancer is highly treatable and curable when detected early enough.
Bladder cancer 'coaches' could help patients navigate diseaseJul 12, 2010
Experience bladder cancer patients could help new patients manage treatment
'Bladder pacemaker' helps control urinary problemsMar 24, 2010
Patients with bladder control problems may benefit from an implantable device.