Technology News

Disconnect from technology to 'reconnect' on Valentine's DayFeb 11, 2013
Baylor College of Medicine experts say disconnecting from technology can help couples reconnect with each other.
Gift funds innovative education technology at Baylor College of MedicineNov 19, 2012
Initiative will add a new dimension to education.
Setting national goals to bolster patient safety with electronic health recordsNov 7, 2012
Experts propose framework to develop new national patient safety goals unique to electronic health records.
Student recruitment goes virtual at Baylor College of MedicineSep 21, 2012
BCM's Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences participates in virtual fair for prospective students.
BCM students win prize for social media-conscious health dataJun 12, 2012
BCM students help design award-winning app in national contest.
BCM names Izaguirre to lead expanded technology effortJan 24, 2012
Dr. Alexander G. Izaguirre tapped to head BCM's integrated tech effort in clinical, educational and research programs.
BCM Teen Clinic takes innovative approach to teen pregnancy educationDec 8, 2011
Baylor Teen Health Clinic partners with University of Houston for teen sexuality video series.
Technology transfer: 25 years at Baylor College of MedicineAug 4, 2010
BCM technology has led to more than 200 diagnostic, clinical and research products.
Diagnosing heart attacks may be lick and a click awayMay 3, 2010
A new device can detect signs of a heart attack from a person's saliva.
National Center for Macromolecular Imaging receives five-year, $9.5 million awardFeb 12, 2010
BCM center develops technology to study how molecular machines work.