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Terminating 'Serial Killers' makes cell therapy saferNov 2, 2011
BCM researchers developing special anti-tumor cells to fight cancer.
BCM young investigator receives V Foundation V Scholar award to study cancer stem cellsNov 1, 2011
Dr. Keith Syson Chan to study targeting chemotherapy, radiation resistant bladder cancer stem cells.
Understanding beginnings of embryonic stem cells helps predict futureOct 13, 2011
Researchers find in lab embryonic stems cells renew themselves, exhibit ability to form cells of almost any type.
$12 million collaborative grant seeks to improve cord blood transplantation for cancer patientsSep 28, 2011
Grant funds innovative research to more rapidly establish a patient's new blood supply using cord blood stem cells.
Five top scientists to receive DeBakey Research AwardsJun 7, 2011
Baylor College of Medicine scientists to receive the annual Michael E. DeBakey M.D., Excellence in Research Awards.
Board of Trustees appoints two endowed chairsMar 31, 2011
Dr. James Martin and Dr. Jeffrey Sutton endowed to chair positions on BCM Board of Trustees.
Stem cells in heart form scar after heart attackMar 22, 2011
Stem cells within the heart form scar after heart attack.
Goodell receives 2011 Edith and Peter O'Donnell Award for medicineJan 5, 2011
Dr. Peggy Goodell awarded for addressing role of science and technology in society.
BCM researchers leading efforts in bladder cancer researchJul 12, 2010
BCM researchers focus on new drugs and the biology of the bladder for bladder cancer research.
Ronin recruits protein allies to sustain embryonic stem cell growthJun 25, 2010
Factors combine to cause a DNA strand to control a gene program that may play a role in cancer.