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Breakfast a key piece of nutrition puzzle for childrenMar 1, 2012
Research shows children who eat breakfast have an easier time focusing on their schoolwork.
Rest days important in a workout routineMar 1, 2012
Rest an important component to a healthy lifestyle
'Exercise in a pill' may protect against extreme heat sensitivityJan 8, 2012
BCM researchers identify molecule that could reduce the threat of gene mutation that makes people sensitive to extreme heat.
Physical activity can have immediate impactJan 5, 2012
Want a quick pick me up? Choose exercise.
Runner's knee pain usually linked to foot, hip problemAug 31, 2011
Avoid injuries while running with BCM expert's tips.
Exercise-induced asthma is manageable conditionApr 12, 2011
Gasping for breath while working out may be sign of exercise-induced asthma.
Improve running workouts by not runningDec 30, 2010
Rest days are important for runners to prevent injury.
Walk around neighborhood can be added treat this HalloweenOct 22, 2010
Halloween trick-or-treating can teach good lesson about exercise, pedestrian safety.
Active commute to school has positive impact on children's physical activity levelsSep 30, 2010
Several factors dictate how likely children are to bike or walk to school according to BCM report.
Older adults can fight frailty through resistance weight trainingSep 30, 2010
Resistance weight training the only way to slow down loss of lean muscle mass, BCM expert says.