Space Medicine News

NASA, Baylor team up to discover new ways to protect astronautsJul 21, 2016
A grant for as much as $246 million will help develop the NASA Transitional Research Institute, which is focused on long-duration space flight missions.
Three companies meet the ‘Vision for Mars’ Challenge with game-changing eye healthcare technologies for astronautsMar 9, 2015
The NSBRI announced that it has selected and funded three companies to further develop unique technologies that address visual problems in space as well as on Earth.
Vision for Mars Challenge: A unique opportunity for ophthalmology companiesNov 6, 2014
Vision for Mars Challenge launched to help identify and advance medical technologies for ocular health in space through collaboration and funding support.
Space institute funds eye tracking technology and software-enabled therapeutics for brain healthApr 25, 2014
National Space Biomedical Research Institute funds two new technology-based innovations for further development.
DeBakey High School students inspired by astronauts during visit to space instituteApr 16, 2014
Workshop encourages students to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics with visit to the Nation Space Biomedical Research Institute headquarters in Houston.
Mars 520-day simulated mission provides important sleep-wake change informationJan 15, 2013
BCM researchers among those to reveal important sleep-wake change information from Mars 520-day simulated mission.
BCM researchers participate in NASA grant to study universal aspects of lifeOct 5, 2012
BCM labs seek to understand the mechanisms of how diseases out evolve us, and try and beat them.
NSBRI News: NSBRI, NASA soliciting research proposalsAug 3, 2012
NSBRI is soliciting proposals for six research teams. Research topics include visual impairment observed in U.S. astronauts.
Baylor College of Medicine first to offer space medicine track to medical studentsMay 21, 2012
BCM's elective program through the Center for Space Medicine is the first officially recognized space medicine track in the world.
Space research institute honors Senator Hutchison with Pioneer AwardMar 20, 2012
Retiring U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison a staunch supporter of NASA's human spaceflight program over Congressional career.