Sleep Disorders News

Trouble sleeping? Experts say skip antihistaminesOct 7, 2013
Baylor sleep expert says antihistamines may cause drowsiness, but shouldn't be used as a sleep aid as the side effects can pose health risks.
Sawing logs at night is not a good workout for your heartFeb 6, 2013
Baylor College of Medicine experts find that snoring is not only disruptive to sleep but may also signal heart troubles.
Mars 520-day simulated mission provides important sleep-wake change informationJan 15, 2013
BCM researchers among those to reveal important sleep-wake change information from Mars 520-day simulated mission.
New model provides better way to study sleep apnea, brainMay 3, 2012
BCM researchers create model to simulate obstructive sleep apnea to understand how the disorder affects the body.
Screen time before bed varies by personApr 17, 2012
Avoiding computer, TV, and e-reader screens before bed can improve quality of sleep.
Sleep Q&AApr 17, 2012
Problems sleeping? Check out this Q&A with BCM sleep experts.
Snoring may be cause for alarmApr 8, 2011
Loud snoring, daytime sleepiness and waking with a sore throat may be signs of sleep apnea.
Volunteers needed for study on sleep patterns, melatoninMar 30, 2011
Boys 4-9 needed for sleep and melatonin study.
Get your body ready for Daylight Saving TimeMar 8, 2011
BCM expert offers tips for adjusting to Daylight Saving Time.
Sleeping pills not easy answerNov 3, 2010
Side effects of sleeping pills should be weighed before taking, BCM sleep expert says.