Skin and Hair News

Experts provide tips for a healthy, safe HalloweenOct 30, 2013
Keep your Halloween full of treats instead of tricks with some tips from experts at Baylor College of Medicine.
$1 million gift to fund Ehlers Danlos syndrome research at BCMAug 14, 2013
With a new $1 million gift, Baylor College of Medicine geneticist Dr. Brendan Lee hopes to broaden understanding of the mechanisms of Ehlers Danlos syndrome, an incurable, inherited connective tissue disorder.
No excuses for not using proper sun protectionMay 29, 2013
Spending time outdoors? BCM expert says allergies aren't an excuse for skipping sunblock.
Want your skin to glow, 'All natural' might not be the way to goMay 29, 2013
All natural doesn't necessarily mean it will be safe for your skin. If you have very sensitive skin and you have a hard time finding skin care products, a dermatologist can help identify allergens that you should avoid
Allergic reactions to hair dye can happen at any timeMar 26, 2013
Can your hair dye cause an allergic reaction? BCM expert says yes
Diet impacts skin, not just weightMar 1, 2012
A diet high in sugar and fat is bad for your body, including your skin.
Fillers may be fix for skeletal-looking handsNov 25, 2011
Fillers can be safe and effective in hand rejuvenation to help reduce effects of aging, such as wrinkles, protruding veins and loose skin.
Don't sweat the heat rashAug 30, 2011
Prevent heat rash by wearing breathable, lightweight clothes when possible.
BCM Dermatology, Plastic Surgery Clinics move to McNair CampusJul 14, 2011
Dermatology and plastic surgery clinics at Baylor College of Medicine will move to the McNair Campus.
Winter weather and skin careNov 19, 2010
Heading to colder weather means different care for skin.