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Situated in the Texas Medical Center, BCM offers a rich educational environment.
RSS Feeds
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RSS Feeds from Baylor College of Medicine

What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication, known as RSS, is a way of providing headlines and descriptions of stories to users, along with links to the full articles. RSS feeds typically are linked or indicated by an orange rectangle with the letters RSS. Sometimes the presence of RSS feeds is indicated by an orange rectangle with the letters XML, or by the symbol RSS icon.

RSS is used by computer programs that organize the headlines and other content for easy reading. These programs – called feed readers, news readers, or aggregators – can check RSS-enabled webpages on your behalf. Some readers, or aggregators, are standalone programs; others are extensions of existing programs such as web browsers.

You can find more information about RSS from Wikipedia or Harvard's Berkman Center for the Internet & Society.

How to Subscribe to BCM RSS Feeds

First, you must select an application that supports RSS. Some popular browsers, such as Firefox and Safari, allow you to create a special bookmark to an RSS feed. There are also many other software applications for subscribing to and reading RSS feeds.

The subsequent steps for subscribing to an RSS feed depend on which program you use (see you aggregator's or your browser's documentation or help files), but in all cases you will enter the URL of any RSS feed to which you wish to subscribe.

Links to BCM RSS Feeds

Last modified: June 28, 2007