BCM Family Spotlight: Emmony Pena

Jan. 1, 2012

Emmony Pena
Emmony Pena


Clinical Receptionist



How long have you been at BCM?

5 months

What is your favorite thing about working at BCM?

Getting the opportunity to work with such wonderful co-workers and patients!

Where were you born?


What is your favorite kind of food?

Vietnamese and Mexican

What is your favorite restaurant in Houston, and at that restaurant your favorite dish?

La Madeleine – basil tomato soup
Pappasitos – fajitas and chile con queso

What type of music do you listen to?


What is your dream vacation?

New Zealand

What is your favorite TV show?

Close tie between "Dexter" and "The Walking Dead"

Complete this sentence: Most people wouldn't know …

that I've traveled to Venezuela

What are some of your personal hobbies?

Trivia, taking my dog to parks, traveling

Last book you read?

"The Strain" trilogy by Guillermo del Toro

Last movie you saw?

"Mr. Bean – The Whole Bean"

Favorite music/musician?

Deftones and Café Tacuba

Any pets?

One dog named Dexter (Schnauzer mix)

Favorite food at BCM's Luby's?

The basil tomato or gumbo soup!

Favorite BCM/Medical Center hangout?

Luby's Bistro