Student Corner: Emily Rutledge and Kathleen Mundy

Dec. 1, 2012

Emily Rutledge and Kathleen Mundy
  • Second-year medical students

Hectic seems like an understatement when describing the life of a medical student. On top of studying and rounding in all of the hospitals, it's essential for medical students to care for their health as role models for the patients they work with.

With this idea in mind, Rutledge and Mundy, second-year medical students at BCM, campaigned to get FitDesks installed into student areas on campus. A FitDesk is a low-impact, low-resistance stationary bike with a desk on top, allowing students to combine fitness and studying at the same time. The goal is not to be sweating or short of breath while using the FitDesk, but rather to increase energy and improve health while studying.

The idea is a part of a bigger campaign focused on improving BCM's community wellness and encouraging wellness in the Houston community as a whole.

"Any effort that we can make to move away from a sedentary lifestyle makes an impact on our wellness and provides a positive example to the community of how we are incorporating these ideas into our daily lives," they said.

They want to send a message to their patients to be more mindful of what they eat and how active they are in their daily lives.

"If we are not able to maintain our own health, how can we ask our patients to do so? We must also find ways to integrate those concepts into our own lives for our own well-being as well as to practice what we are preaching. Our goal with the FitDesks is to give medical students a tool to make staying active that much easier," they said.