Student Corner: Valerie Degregorio

July 1, 2012

Valerie Degregorio
Valerie Degregorio
  • First-year Physician Assistant Student

Valerie Degregorio completed her undergraduate education at the University of Georgia, with a bachelor’s degree in art and art education. She taught high school art for several years and wanted to return to school so she could give more to the community. She became interested in being a physician assistant after shadowing a PA working at the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Degregorio balances her time between her husband and five-year-old daughter, PA school and her positions as director of the South Central Regional Assembly of Representatives and board chair for the Student Academy of American Academy of Physician Assistants' Service and Awareness workgroup.

As the AOR director she will help the Assembly of Representatives communicate all of the student society’s events. She will also work with the Student Academy of the AAPA and the Assembly of Student Representatives at the national conference to determine what the Student Board's agenda will be for the upcoming year.

As the chair for Service and Awareness, she will help organize students in carrying out board initiatives for the year, which include education on PAs in Hospice care, American Heart Association wellness recommendations, the Vial of Life program and any other service projects PA students wish to organize locally and nationally.

Degregorio’s daughter starts kindergarten on the same day that she starts her first clinical rotation this fall.

She will graduate in December 2013.