Student Corner: Chisa Echendu

April 1, 2012

Quianta Moore
Quianta Moore
  • Fourth-year medical student

Echendu came to the United States from Nigeria at age 17 and realized her love for biomedical research during her undergraduate years in Ohio.

She came to BCM to pursue a Ph.D. in molecular virology and microbiology. As she was pursuing her degree, she was diagnosed with breast cancer but continued working toward her Ph.D. while receiving treatment.

The patients she shared her chemotherapy room with inspired her to reassess her future, and Echendu decided to pursue medical school.

If she wasn't already busy enough, Echendu had twin daughters during her second year of medical school.

Because of her connection with cancer patients, she plans to pursue a residency in radiation oncology.

Echendu matched at her first choice, Baylor College of Medicine, for radiation oncology. For more on her journey, see the Houston Chronicle story about her.