Look who's wearing a white coat!

Sept. 1, 2011

White coat ceremonies for both incoming medical students and physician assistants were held recently.

Thirty-eight Class of 2012 physician assistant students received their white coats at a July 29 ceremony in Cullen Auditorium. The ceremony included remarks by class president Andrew Gray and an address to students by Dr. Kathleen Liscum, associate professor of surgery, and clinical-year tips presented by three third-year students. The PA students were presented with their coats and physician assistant pins and then recited the Physician Assistant Oath.

Medical students donned their coats for the first time at a ceremony Aug. 12 at the Bayou City Event Center.

Both groups received sponsorship of their white coats from the Office of Alumni Affairs and Student Connections, which has established the White Coat Fund.

Scroll through for photos from the physician assistant white coat ceremony and the medical student ceremony.