You FIRST Awards recognize outstanding Baylor Clinic employees

Oct. 1, 2011

Some exemplary members of the BCM family were recognized at the fifth annual You FIRST Faculty and Staff of the Year awards luncheon, held Aug. 26 at Marriott Medical Center.

You FIRST is a program that recognizes outstanding customer service by staff and physicians at the Baylor Clinic. Staff members and faculty are recognized quarterly and then become finalists for the year-end awards in each category.

The winners for 2011 and quotes from their nomination letters follow:

Physician of the Year

Dr. Emily Sedgwick
Dr. Emily Sedgwick

Dr. Emily Sedgwick, M.D., radiology /Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center
"Dr. Sedgwick makes every patient feel special. She's personable, gentle and funny; and she calls with test results as soon as humanly possible. She's also made improvements at the Breast Center that help patients retain their sense of dignity. She 'gets it' more than any other physician I've known."

Finalists were Dr. Mohit Khera, urology, and Dr. Alfred Poindexter, obstetrics and gynecology.

Leader of the Year

Alicia Newton
Alicia Newton

Alicia Newton, dermatology
"She is smart, considerate and treats everyone with respect and courtesy. Her job is very demanding and she manages it exceptionally well, making it seem effortless."

Finalists were Ryan Hansen, medicine-cardiology, and Penny Menge, medicine.

Clinical Employee of the Year

Shambra Exum, L.V.N.
Shambra Exum, L.V.N.

Shambra Exum, L.V.N., dermatology
"Shambra is such a great nurse and is loved by the patients, staff and faculty. She is always friendly and willing to go that extra mile for her patients. Shambra makes them feel comfortable and at ease. She has a smile that lights up the room and her professionalism shows in work."

The other finalist was Tenika Murray-Zachary, R.N., diagnostic services.

Administrative Employee of the Year

Nila F. Alvaro
Nila F. Alvaro

Nila F. Alvaro, nephrology
"She is one of those 'do whatever it takes' employees who puts patients first and will go the extra mile to make sure they are satisfied. She is truly the glue that holds our clinical nephrology practice together."

Finalists were Michael Carlin, orthopedic surgery, and Belinda Ybarbo, Patient Resource Center.

Others recognized at the awards luncheon included Jonnita "J" Pleasant, BCM Patient Resource Center, Honorary Employee of the Year; and Karla Heath, clinical operations, You FIRST Outstanding Achievement Award.

Non-Baylor Clinic and non-BCM employees were also honored for their contributions to Clinic operations. They included Harold Glover, BCM general services; Elizabeth Zewdie, St. Luke's; Jason Homan, Winpark; and Mildred Wrights, Clinical Pathology Laboratories.