Center for Space Medicine lecture series set

March 1, 2011

Dr. Jeffrey P. Sutton
Dr. Jeffrey P. Sutton

Have you ever wondered about the health risks associated with human spaceflight?

The "Introduction to Human Space Exploration and Medicine" lecture series presented by the Center for Space Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine will give insight into astronaut health care. Even though the series is part of a BCM academic course, the lectures are open to the entire Baylor community.

"Every one who attends will gain a better understanding of the biomedical risks associated with human spaceflight," said Dr. Jeffrey P. Sutton, Center for Space Medicine director and professor of medicine at BCM. "The speakers will present information about physiological and medical issues, as well as the scientific research and technology development efforts under way to protect astronaut health."

The seven-part lecture series, which begins March 2, features BCM faculty members, former astronauts and flight surgeons, including National Space Biomedical Research Institute and NASA personnel. All lectures begin at 12:10 p.m. and will end at 1 p.m.

The "Introduction to Human Space Exploration and Medicine" lecture series topics and speakers are:

  • March 2 - Astronaut Perspective on Space Exploration and Human Performance
    Dr. Leroy Chiao, chair of the NSBRI User Panel and former NASA Astronaut
    Location - Cullen Auditorium
  • March 9 - Medical Events and Health Care in Space
    Dr. Jonathan Clark, space medicine advisor and former NASA flight surgeon
    Location - Cullen Auditorium
  • March 16 - Human Space Exploration, Medicine and Research
    Dr. Jeffrey Sutton, director BCM Center for Space Medicine and NSBRI
    Location - TBA
  • March 23 - Space Radiation: Health Risks and Mitigation Strategies
    Dr. Jeffery Chancellor, NSBRI integration project manager and former NASA radiation research engineer
    Location – Cullen Auditorium
  • March 30 – (Tentative) Human Adaptation to Space and the Need for Countermeasures
    Dr. Douglas Hamilton, BCM Family and Community Medicine
    Location – DeBakey Classrooms, M321/M323
  • April 6 - Physician-Astronaut Training and Future Opportunities
    Dr. David Hilmers, associate professor of internal medicine and pediatrics and former NASA astronaut
    Location – DeBakey Classrooms, M321/M323
  • April 13 – (Tentative) Space Research to Advance Medicine on Earth
    Dr. Neal Pellis, Universities Space Research Association and former NASA senior scientist in space life sciences
    Location - Cullen Auditorium

In addition to the spring lecture series, the Center for Space Medicine will offer a lecture series during the fall semester. For more information, contact Nancy Gibbins at or 713-798-7639.