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Baylor College of Medicine

Conference to focus on use of technology in public health

Dana Benson


Houston, TX -

The Baylor College of Medicine Teen Health Clinic will host its fifth annual technology conference April 2-3 focusing on the use of social media and other forms of electronic communication to advance public health initiatives.

"At the Teen Health Clinic, we have made it a priority to integrate the use of today’s technology into our patient care efforts," said Dr. Peggy Smith, director of the clinic and professor of obstetrics and gynecology at BCM. "Our goal through the conference is to provide information to others in the public health arena on how to use technology most effectively."


Conference topics


The conference, "The Use of Emerging Technologies for Health Care Messages," is geared toward health professionals, including physicians, nurses and social workers. Topics that will be addressed include:

  • The latest social media for effective health education and communication
  • Advantages of using new media to interact with clients and patients and to promote community health
  • Impact of new technology on health programs
  • Affordably using the appropriate technology with patients
  • Becoming a model for other community organizations

Featured speakers


Experts speaking at the conference include:

Michael Fergusson, CEO of Ayogo Games, a new company building functional social games designed to improve health and wellness while partnering with clinical organizations that provide evidence-based programs of healthy behavior through social networks and smartphones.

Rachel Kachur, a health communication specialist in the Division of STD Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Her work and research focuses on emerging technologies, its influence on sex seeking behaviors and STD transmission, and how the field can adopt these technologies for STD prevention and education.

Lawrence Swiader, director of digital media at the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, where he focuses on building a digital presence to help reduce unplanned pregnancy among teens and young adults. Responsible values and behavior by both men and women are supported through innovative use of messages delivered through social media, games, video, mobile devices, and the web.

The conference will be held at the United Way of Greater Houston, 50 Waugh Drive, 77007, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. Find ticket information online.

Sponsors include Baylor College of Medicine Teen Health Clinic, The University of Texas Prevention Research Center, the Spirit Golf Association and the Rice University George R. Brown School of Engineering.

For more information on the conference, contact Ruth Buzi, director of social services for the Baylor Teen Health Clinic, at rbuzi@bcm.edu.


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