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Psychiatry and Behavior News

O'Quinn Foundation contributes to addiction researchAug 27, 2010
Foundation contributes $50,000 toward research to cure substance addiction.
Brain imaging gives new insight into mental disordersAug 25, 2010
New tools combine fMRI machines and economic gains provide clues to mental disorders.
Payments bias viewers' art judgmentJul 26, 2010
BCM researchers find that money can influence opinion about art.
Sleep expert offers pros,cons of sleeping with petsJul 20, 2010
Sleeping with a pet can have positive or negative results, BCM expert warns.
OCD doesn't have to result in life filled with anxietyJul 19, 2010
Exposure and responsive prevention therapy shown as effective OCD treatment.
Tool developed to measure effectiveness of national walk-to-school programMay 21, 2010
Safety studied in walk-to-school fitness program.
Control anxiety to stave off spikes in blood pressureMay 4, 2010
A sudden spike in blood pressure caused by stress can cause physical damage.
Conversation could 'cork' teen drinkingApr 14, 2010
Signs of alcohol abuse are different in teens than in adults.
Moderation key to alcohol consumptionApr 14, 2010
One serving of alcohol a day can have health benefits - more could do more harm than good.
Nobel Laureate to receive Alexander Award in Psychiatry, present at BCM grand roundsMar 15, 2010
Nobel Prize winner Dr. Eric R. Kandel to present grand rounds at BCM.