Primary Care News

Tips help manage pesky sinus symptomsMar 22, 2012
BCM expert offers tips for tackling drainage, sinus pressure, coughing and more
Nasal irrigation wards off sinus infectionsMar 22, 2012
Suffer from chronic sinus infections? Try nasal irrigation to ease symptoms.
Follow up on your heart healthFeb 8, 2012
Eating healthy and exercising are well known tips to keep your heart healthy, but doctors at Baylor College of Medicine say don’t forget about the follow-up appointments.
Baylor College of Medicine expert addresses common flu mythsJan 4, 2012
BCM expert differentiates fact from fiction when it comes to fly myths and realities.
Pesky viruses still present during summerJun 2, 2011
Baylor College of Medicine expert says viruses are still frequent during the summer, and provides tips to prevent and treat them.
Sinus infections: Unavoidable, but manageableJan 31, 2011
Over-the-counter anti-histamines and time best treatment for sinus infection.
Avian flu virus protein turns off cell defenseAug 23, 2010
Avian flu is virulent and threatening to humans due to protein that attacks cell defense.
One vaccine covers all influenza viruses this seasonAug 2, 2010
Single vaccine to cover H1N1 and seasonal flu.
Rapid flu test can miss novel H1N1 virusFeb 15, 2010
H1N1 virus often missed in specific flu tests.
Never too late to get flu vaccineJan 7, 2010
The flu may be seasonal but a vaccine can be taken any time.