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BCM, Texas Children's announce recruitment of Dr. Peter Hotez and team in major advance to develop vaccines for the world's poorJun 8, 2011
Hotez: We will be making an unprecedented assault on the diseases of poverty in the world.
Hydrate, eat, cover up to withstand summer heat. Jun 2, 2011
The summer heat is intensifying: Baylor College of Medicine expert provides tips for staying cool and safe.
Honest, age-appropriate communication can help children cope with cancerSep 27, 2010
Children diagnosed with cancer should be spoken to honestly about condition.
Health care workers face difficulties in natural disaster reliefJan 15, 2010
Natural disasters require immediate response and a focus on public health concerns.
Never too late to get flu vaccineJan 7, 2010
The flu may be seasonal but a vaccine can be taken any time.
BCM to analyze data collected for Alzheimer's genetic markers projectJan 6, 2010
BCM researchers look to genetic markers to understand Alzheimer's Disease risk.
BCM tackles Alzheimer's on all Fronts: Clinical ResearchJan 6, 2010
BCM clinical researchers seek to understand each stage of Alzheimer's Disease.
BCM tackles Alzheimer's on all fronts: Basic ResearchJan 6, 2010
BCM researchers work to understand the fundamental mechanisms of Alzheimer's Disease.
Resources available for locating full-time Alzheimer's careJan 6, 2010
Patients with advanced Alzheimer's Disease may require round the clock care. Resources are available.
BCM tackling Alzheimer's on all fronts: Community OutreachJan 6, 2010
The Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Disorders Center conducts community outreach.