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Nutrition News

Save some green with frozen greensMar 1, 2012
Frozen or canned fruits, vegetables are healthy, less expensive alternatives to fresh versions.
Look out for hidden calories in drinksMar 1, 2012
BCM dietitian: liquid calories can add up quickly.
Diet impacts skin, not just weightMar 1, 2012
A diet high in sugar and fat is bad for your body, including your skin.
Waist circumference seems related to children's metabolic riskDec 15, 2011
Waist circumference, physical activity, and body mass index play a role in cardiovascular and diabetes risk factors in children.
Study finds no downward trend in nutritional value of broccoliOct 13, 2011
Researchers find no decline in the nutritional value of broccoli since 1975, despite changes in how broccoli is grown.
Doctors in training also chefs in trainingSep 26, 2011
Student organization established to promote health eating, living among second-year medical students.
Whole grains play important role in weight controlSep 15, 2011
Whole grains are not only a rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, but they also play an important role in weight management.
Extreme heat raises concerns about lunchbox food safetyAug 30, 2011
BCM expert offers tips for parents to make sure their kids won't get sick while still getting the nutrition they need at lunch.
Walking School Bus program increases children's physical activityAug 22, 2011
BCM researchers discover that student participants in a Walking School Bus program had increased rates of physical activity.
Schools use software to give parents power in cafeteriaAug 8, 2011
New software in schools allow parents to intervene in kids' school lunch choices to ensure nutritious, allergy-free lunches.