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Season of conception permanently written on DNA of rural AfricansDec 23, 2010
Permanent changes in epigenome present in infants born in different rural African seasons noted.
High fat diet in moms affects offspring's circadian, metabolic rhythmsNov 29, 2010
Primate study shows that a high fat diet in mothers can lead to obesity in children.
Help kids make better bad choices this HalloweenOct 22, 2010
while no candy can be viewed as a health food, there are some "better" bad choices, BCM dietitian says.
Campers wanted for fourth annual Kamp K'aanaJun 23, 2010
Weight management camp for 10-14 year olds open for registration
Volunteers needed for online healthy eating habits studyJun 23, 2010
African American families with children 8-11 years old needed for study.
Teen volunteers needed for online exercise surveyJun 23, 2010
Teens 11-13 and 15-17 needed for exercise survey
Quality of meals should not change during summer monthsJun 1, 2010
Children may gain weight during summer, so healthy eating is important.
Tool developed to measure effectiveness of national walk-to-school programMay 21, 2010
Safety studied in walk-to-school fitness program.
Vitamin C protects, maintains healthy bone massMay 11, 2010
Vitamin C or ascorbate is critical to maintaining healthy bone mass, BCM researchers say.
Tips for transitioning infant from formula to table foodMar 29, 2010
BCM expert: Babies are ready to start taking baby foods in addition to milk or formula at 4-6 months old.