Nutrition News

Nutrition month is about personal choices Mar 22, 2013
Losing weight is all about calories, portion control and physical activity, but it all comes down to your tastes and what makes you happy.
CpG methylation in embryonic stems cells turns genes onMar 21, 2013
Finding sheds light on the complex roles of DNA methylation during mammalian development.
Research confirms benefits of family mealsMar 6, 2013
Our expert says research shows sitting down together as a family to eat is an important factor in making healthy food choices.
Calorie needs of athletes vary with intensity of trainingMar 6, 2013
BCM expert reminds athletes not to skip fruits and vegetables in diet.
Brown bag lunches may need nutrient makeoverMar 6, 2013
Nutrition experts find kids with packed lunches are lacking in healthy, nutritious foods.
Blood marrow derived cells regulate appetiteFeb 26, 2013
Baylor College of Medicine researchers among those to discover that blood marrow derived cells help regulate appetite.
Protein inhibitors studied as new cholesterol treatmentsFeb 19, 2013
BCM researchers are studying new treatments, including a genetic therapy, that may potentially help those with high cholesterol.
Novel microRNAs found in breast milkFeb 14, 2013
Research helps to unlock understanding of the benefits of breast milk.
Food availability linked with poor outcomes for HIV-positive childrenFeb 6, 2013
Food insecurity can lead to patients skipping their antiretroviral medications, medications may not be absorbed as well on empty stomach.
Volunteers needed for nutrition supplement weight loss studyJan 31, 2013
Researchers are recruiting healthy volunteers between 18-60 for a weight management study using a nutrition supplement.