Neurology News

BCM researchers support work to improve neurocritical careMay 29, 2012
Experts call for more clinical trails to uncover new treatment options for bleeding found within the membrane layers surrounding the brain.
Cellular boundary key to neuronal functionMay 25, 2012
Study finds molecule responsible for proper formation, function of neurons finds its way to the right place because of axon restriction.
Neurocritical Care Research Conference returns to HoustonMay 9, 2012
Conference, founded by BCM researchers, brings diverse group of academic scientists together to focus on field of neuromonitoring.
BCM tackles Alzheimer's on all fronts: Experimental ResearchMay 1, 2012
Read about current research being done about BCM's Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Disorders Center.
Jankovic's work to be featured at neurology meetingApr 20, 2012
BCM's Dr. Joseph Jankovic's seven books to be featured during American Academy of Neurology annual meeting.
Computing the path to safetyApr 17, 2012
BCM researchers study finds a single neuron responsible for sophisticated computations.
African Americans contribute to Alzheimer's research effortsFeb 29, 2012
BCM recognizes Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller's contributions to medical field as one of first known African-American psychiatrists.
Brain, heart link may explain sudden death in RettDec 14, 2011
Finding opens doors to tailor treatments to prevent heart rhythm problems, possibly deaths for those with Rett syndrome.
Integrating sensory input guides journeyNov 20, 2011
Brain weighs sensory cues in proportion to its reliability and reacts accordingly.
New use for old drug could lead to treatment for some forms of epilepsyNov 1, 2011
Drug used to treat cancers, prevent rejection in transplants effective in suppressing seizures could lead to a new epilepsy treatment.