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Genetic parsing of precursor protein gives clues to Alzheimer's diseaseSep 29, 2010
BCM researchers looking into information that would determine Alzheimer's drug development
Baylor joins Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative as official siteSep 28, 2010
Enrollment open for Parkinson's disease program at BCM.
Brain imaging gives new insight into mental disordersAug 25, 2010
New tools combine fMRI machines and economic gains provide clues to mental disorders.
Baylor College of Medicine awarded $14.85 million grant to complete neurological research center at Texas Children's HospitalJul 28, 2010
New funding will help finish pediatric neurological research institute.
Second gene associated with sudden death in epilepsy found in brain, not heartApr 13, 2010
Protein switch in the brain linked to common form of epilepsy may also cause heart rhythm disturbances.
Finding Charcot-Marie-Tooth gene ends quest, begins new era of personalized genomic medicineMar 10, 2010
Personal genome sequencing signals the beginning of personalized medicine.
BCM to analyze data collected for Alzheimer's genetic markers projectJan 6, 2010
BCM researchers look to genetic markers to understand Alzheimer's Disease risk.
BCM tackles Alzheimer's on all Fronts: Clinical ResearchJan 6, 2010
BCM clinical researchers seek to understand each stage of Alzheimer's Disease.
BCM tackles Alzheimer's on all fronts: Basic ResearchJan 6, 2010
BCM researchers work to understand the fundamental mechanisms of Alzheimer's Disease.
Resources available for locating full-time Alzheimer's careJan 6, 2010
Patients with advanced Alzheimer's Disease may require round the clock care. Resources are available.