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Combination therapy halts, reverses symptom of Alzheimer?s disease in transgenic miceMar 23, 2011
BCM researcher hopes combination treatment in lab mice will help understand human therapy for Alzheimer's Disease.
MicroRNA hinders enzyme that promotes breast cancer spread to brainFeb 8, 2011
Short, single strand of genetic material can stop spread of breast tumors to brain.
$2.5 million from Department of Defense funds trauma researchJan 25, 2011
Department of Defense grant to fund research into role of protein in resuscitation after trauma, hemorrhagic shock.
Complex neuronal communication behind jump executionJan 13, 2011
Three distinct features in communication process control jumping, BCM researchers find.
Autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder focus of monthly genetic seriesJan 12, 2011
"Evening with Genetics" to focus on autism, ADHD and bipolar disorder.
Diagnostic criteria revised for Rett SyndromeJan 10, 2011
International consortium, including BCM researchers, revise criteria for diagnosing Rett Syndrome.
Unzipping zinc protects hippocampal neuronsJan 5, 2011
Discovery paves way for development of neuroprotective medicine for seizure, stroke, brain trauma and more.
inhibitory-neurons-key-to-understandingNov 10, 2010
Study reveals alteration of signal from neurons can produce features of disorders such as autism.
Parkinson disease study now enrollingNov 2, 2010
Enrollment open for study into gene therapy for Parkinson's disease.
Genetics spurs next generation of brain researchOct 21, 2010
National investment into human genome spurs next generation of brain research.