Latest news from Baylor College of Medicine

The ABCDEs of Viral HepatitisJul 27, 2018
Baylor experts say awareness and diagnosis of viral hepatitis infection is the first step to taking control and making changes to either prevent or treat this potentially deadly infection.
Lectins help social amoeba establish their own microbiomeJul 26, 2018
Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine have discovered that sugar-binding proteins called lectins are essential for amoebas and bacteria living together.
Previously undiagnosed neurological disorder linked to mutations in gene IRF2BPLJul 26, 2018
An international team of scientists has discovered mutations of gene IRF2BPL that are associated with a previously undiagnosed neurological disorder.
What your body may be telling you about your health Jul 24, 2018
Baylor College of Medicine expert Isabel Valdez discusses some clues your body may giving you about your health.
African-American men needed for prostate cancer studyJul 20, 2018
Baylor College of Medicine is involved in a study to better understand why African American men with prostate cancer are at a higher risk for developing more aggressive forms of the disease.
St. Baldrick’s Foundation awards seven Baylor faculty with pediatric cancer research grantsJul 19, 2018
The St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a volunteer-powered charity dedicated to raising money for childhood cancer research, has awarded seven grants to faculty members at Baylor College of Medicine.
Analytical tool predicts disease causing genesJul 19, 2018
Predicting genes that can cause disease due to the production of truncated or altered proteins is now possible thanks to a new analytical tool to effectively and efficiently predict such candidate genes.
How to recognize an allergic reaction to artificial nailsJul 17, 2018
A trip to the nail salon is meant to be a special experience, but it can turn negative when getting your nails done causes an allergic reaction or irritation that may even affect more than the skin around your fingers.
Space Health Institute awards grants to three companiesJul 16, 2018
The Translational Research Institute for Space Health has partnered with Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology to award three companies that will perform research related to artificial intelligence or point-of-care diagnostics.
Baylor ethicists discuss key issues facing citizen scienceJul 13, 2018
In a paper published in Science, ethicists at Baylor College of Medicine discuss the credit, control, quality and safety issues faced by citizen scientists.