Infectious Diseases News

Early days of AIDS clinic in Romania set stage for BIPAIApr 6, 2011
A look back at how success of Romanian clinic shaped expanded clinical network.
New Angola Sickle Cell Initiative draws energy, medical sector partnershipMar 22, 2011
Chevron to support Angola Sickle Cell Initiative with $4 million over four years.
Pediatric HIV/AIDS clinic opens in Mbeya, TanzaniaMar 7, 2011
Mbeya pediatric center opens in Tanzania through public-private partnership including BCM.
Mutated immune gene increases TB risk for African AmericansFeb 17, 2011
Report: Mutated immune system gene increases the risk of developing tuberculosis in African Americans who carry the TB bacteria.
New center will help fight Mwanza, Tanzania HIV/AIDS epidemicFeb 7, 2011
New pediatric center to serve families and children in Tanzania.
Types of white blood cells might explain immunity in children who survive HIV without treatmentDec 14, 2010
Unique pattern of white blood cells might be reason for immunity to HIV as a child.
Volunteers needed for HIV vaccine trialNov 29, 2010
Volunteers needed to test safety and efficacy of two potential HIV vaccines.
Molecular evolution proves source of HIV infection in criminal casesNov 15, 2010
BCM researches use science to track down man through HIV strain used to infect others.
Baylor/UT Health Center for AIDS Research receives five year renewalAug 27, 2010
Center's new goal is to expand research on HIV-associated malignancies
Long-term care of HIV survivors needs additional researchJul 18, 2010
BCM experts call for research into care of long-term HIV survivors.