Heart News

Stem cells in heart form scar after heart attackMar 22, 2011
Stem cells within the heart form scar after heart attack.
Study: One pill to control multiple heart disease risk factors?Feb 16, 2011
Researchers across country and at BCM look into effectiveness of single pill for multiple heart disease risk factors.
Women should pay close attention to their heartsFeb 16, 2011
Women may be more at risk to heart ailments in some cases, BCM physicians say.
BCM experts offer the following Q&A to help youFeb 16, 2011
BCM experts answer your questions regarding heart disease.
BCM physicians help draft American Heart Association guidelines on vascular closure devicesDec 22, 2010
BCM cardiologists lend expertise to vascular closure device guidelines.
Aortic aneurysms associated with defects in many regions of genomeNov 18, 2010
Understanding genetic component of aortic aneurysm might help doctors identify risk and threat.
Study to control blood pressure in diabetics enrollingSep 10, 2010
BCM doctors open enrollment for study in blood pressure in diabetics.
Technology transfer: 25 years at Baylor College of MedicineAug 4, 2010
BCM technology has led to more than 200 diagnostic, clinical and research products.
Too much sodium affects blood pressure, increases risk of strokeMay 4, 2010
A high salt diet increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke
Control anxiety to stave off spikes in blood pressureMay 4, 2010
A sudden spike in blood pressure caused by stress can cause physical damage.