Heart News

Statins seek help in fight against heart diseaseFeb 8, 2012
Researchers at BCM looking for additional, alternative treatment options to statins.
Fish oil may play role in heart attack preventionFeb 8, 2012
Highly purified form of fish oil being tested to reduce risk of heart attack.
Getting to the heart of Marfan syndromeFeb 8, 2012
BCM team creating registry of patients with aneurysms and dissections caused by genetics, including Marfan syndrome.
Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital join NIH's Pediatric Heart NetworkOct 14, 2011
Network is designed to foster multi-center studies related to childhood heart disease.
Intervention or medication, who benefits more?Oct 6, 2011
BCM research finds when doctors used tools to help patients properly take medication, overall blood pressure was lowered.
UTHealth Medical School and Baylor College of Medicine research: Common gene variant associated with aortic dissectionOct 3, 2011
Researchers find common genetic variant can double a person's chances of having an acute aortic dissection.
BCM/VA physician helps draft new heart-related guidelinesApr 5, 2011
BCM cardiologist contributes to new guidelines for heart patient management.
Retired NFL players assist in research on specialized cholesterol testApr 5, 2011
BCM researchers use retired NFL players for specialized cholesterol tests due to their size.
Antacids may mask serious problemMar 29, 2011
Frequent heartburn could be sign of chronic condition.
Low levels of heart protein now linked to future heart-related illness, deathMar 22, 2011
BCM researchers link low levels of heart protein before heart attack to potential future heart problem.