Dr. Ashley Butler, assistant professor of pediatrics ­ psychology at Baylor College of Medicine and a clinical psychologist at Texas Children's Hospital, has been awarded a $17,500 grant from the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health to research the use of intervention services by African American and Latino parents of young children with disruptive behavior disorders.

Butler was one of 10 tenure-track assistant professors in Texas awarded grants to advance innovative academic research in mental health.

Maximize communication

A major objective of Butler's project is to eliminate health disparities in child behavioral health care. She hopes to provide information on ways to maximize pediatrician communication with African American and Latino parents about their child's behavioral health.

Butler's research focuses on understanding the factors affecting parent behavior in this type of intervention.

Advancing knowledge

Founded in 1940 by the children of Texas Gov. James S. Hogg, the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health promotes mental health in Texas through funding for mental health services, research, policy and education.

"The work that these grantees produce will advance our knowledge in critical areas of mental health. The grant initiative will also help these researchers build upon their budding careers," said Dr. Octavio N. Martinez, Jr., executive director of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health.