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Microarray analysis can identify unsuspected incestFeb 10, 2011
BCM researchers considering how to handle unexpected identification of incest conception.
Genome analysis outlines variations in orangutans of Borneo, SumatraJan 26, 2011
Orangutans from Borneo, Sumatra vary genetically, according to multi-national study.
Season of conception permanently written on DNA of rural AfricansDec 23, 2010
Permanent changes in epigenome present in infants born in different rural African seasons noted.
Confirming rare variant-complex disease linkDec 2, 2010
Good science requires finding a true positive, BCM researcher's report says.
Aortic aneurysms associated with defects in many regions of genomeNov 18, 2010
Understanding genetic component of aortic aneurysm might help doctors identify risk and threat.
High tech genetic sequencing enables screening for hereditary hearing lossNov 16, 2010
Genome center technology now used to benefit patients by screening for hereditary hearing loss.
Molecular evolution proves source of HIV infection in criminal casesNov 15, 2010
BCM researches use science to track down man through HIV strain used to infect others.
1,000 genomes pilot template for future projectsOct 28, 2010
International genome project sets out to determine extent of human variations
BCM Human Genome Sequencing Center joins NIH's Pharmacogenomics Research NetworkSep 7, 2010
Human Genome Sequencing Center to serve as resource for Pharmacogenomics Research Network
NIH renews Baylor College of Medicine grant for Human Microbiome Project program at Texas Children's HospitalSep 7, 2010
BCM seeks to understand microscopic organisms in body through Human Microbiome project.