Genome Sequencing News

Bedside to bench: Defining the normal human microbiome required many talentsJun 14, 2012
Learn about the physicians, scientists and physician-scientists at Baylor who gathered and analyzed data for the Human Microbiome Project.
The Human Microbiome Project at Baylor College of Medicine: How we did itJun 13, 2012
Panel of experts over 80 institutions set out to find out what is "normal" microbial communities in the human body.
Ethical issues guided Human Microbiome ProjectJun 13, 2012
BCM's Dr. Amy McGuire's research on ethics in Human Microbiome Project funded by the National Institutes of Health.
Important but limited role of de novo variants in autism spectrum disordersApr 4, 2012
Study including BCM researchers finds challenge in establishing individual gene mutations as conclusive risk factors in autism.
Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel bridges genotype-phenotype gapFeb 8, 2012
International group including BCM researchers explore how genetics relate to cold tolerance, starvation resistance, startle response.
BCM Cancer Genetics Laboratory offers cutting-edge testingJan 27, 2012
Genetic testing includes identifying cancer genes, biological markers of disease classification, prognosis and drug response.
Baylor College of Medicine, Berry Genomics Co. seek to improve on prenatal genetic testsJan 3, 2012
Baylor College of Medicine and leading biotechnology company Berry Genomics Co. work together to improve prenatal genetic testing.
NIH renews designation of Baylor College of Medicine genome centerDec 6, 2011
Center receives four-year, $85.2 million renewal award from the National Institutes of Health to fund new genomic projects.
Smoking during pregnancy significantly affects DNA methylation, gene expressionNov 21, 2011
Issue is troubling because as many as 20 percent of U.S. women continue to smoke during pregnancy
Houston-led consortium narrows search for familial glioma susceptibilityNov 3, 2011
Analysis of genetic makeup narrows search for genes associated with deadly form of brain cancer.